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Cometary Science Archive

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Primary and secondary information on comets and observing comets:

The Cometary Science Laboratory (CSL) and Archive -- called the Cometary Science Center (CSC) when formed during 2008-2009 at the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory and renamed the CSL when moved to Harvard in 2010 -- is being developed as a central archive and website for all things regarding comets. The goal is to eventually have a separate webpage devoted to every comet observed in history, with the project design being to work back from the present into the past. Current team members designing, creating, supporting, and advising the CSL/CSC include Daniel W. E. Green, Carl W. Hergenrother, Brian G. Marsden, Zdenek Sekanina, Steve Larson, Karl Battams, Syuichi Nakano, and Michael Rudenko. The CSL/CSC uses computers generously supplied by the Tamkin Foundation.

Prototype CSL/CSC webpages have been created for the following recent comets of significant interest. They are in rapid development, so check back often to look for new features.

The CSL/A is soliciting images from observers for all of the comets listed above and for all new comets as they are discovered. The intention is to quickly get new webpages up here for each new comet when the announcement of discovery is made. Instructions for contributors of comet images can be found here..

Additional information on comets (and related phenomena):

Click here for recent news regarding comets. This is a key place to begin looking for useful and accurate information regarding news, observations, images, orbital data, designations and names, and good links regarding comets and related topics. (Quick aids: Site map 1/Site map 2)

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