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Comet P/2012 S5 = P/1997 C1 (Gehrels)


Originally discovered at mag 18 with a condensation and diameter 7", along with a fuzzy tail 0'.5 long in p.a. 280 deg, on 1997 Feb. 1 by Tom Gehrels on CCD images taken with the Spacewatch 0.9-m Spacewatch telescope; announced on IAU Circular No. 6549 (see also IAU Circulars 6550, 6562).

As announced on CBET 3248, G. V. Williams, Minor Planet Center, has identified observations of comet P/1997 C1 in incidental astrometry submitted to the MPC on 2012 Sept. 25 (observations obtained by A. D. Grauer with the Mount Lemmon 1.5-m reflector) and Oct. 8 (observations obtained by R. S. McMillan with the Spacewatch 0.9-m f/3 reflector + CCD mosaic). The indicated correction to the prediction by B. G. Marsden on MPC 69910 was Delta(T) = -0.26 day.


The following orbital elements by G. V. Williams are from 162 observations spanning 1997 Feb. 1-2012 Oct. 8 (mean residual 0".7). An ephemeris and revised 1996 orbital elements appear on Minor Planet Electronic Circular 2012-T24.

                    Epoch = 2013 July  7.0 TT
     T = 2013 July  7.99372 TT        Peri. = 210.93931
     e = 0.4749514                    Node  = 225.28500 2000.0
     q = 3.6016592 AU                 Incl. =   2.85500
       a =  6.8596682 AU   n = 0.05485919   P =  17.97 years

An ephemeris (based on above elements) is available here.


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