Cometary Science Archive

Astronomical Discovery in the Classroom

Various unique aspects of astronomy as covered at our CBAT/CSC/ICQ/MPC websites here (comets, meteors, minor planets, and other solar-system objects; novae and supernovae; and the discovery process in astronomy) are wonderful topics for teaching pupils and students at the elementary-school, high-school, and college levels. Dr. Daniel W. E. Green is developing information for use by both teachers and pupils/students here for educational use. Dr. Green maintains the CBAT/CSC/ICQ webpages and is an expert on all these astronomical topics; he is developing these pages in concert with teachers for both public and private teaching, including home-schooling. He can be contacted at neergewleinad (at), and he is available via email or Skype for question-and-answer sessions with students.

Information on the Earth's Moon for Students